PlayStation 4 Pro announced, to feature upgraded GPU and more

PlayStation 4 Pro (earlier codenamed NEO), the upgraded version of PlayStation 4, has been finally announced. PlayStation 4 Pro is more powerful than the PlayStation 4 and will support 4K and HDR.

PlayStation’s lead architect Mark Cerny addressing the audience at the PlayStation event said, “Our goal is to deliver high-fidelity graphical experiences.”

The new hardware will have 1 TB hard drive, a faster GPU, and also allow you to play the old PS4 games with an improved frame-rate.


Here is a rundown of all the important features:


Unparalleled experience for 4K owners and HDTV owners

  • 1TB hard drive
  • “A number of mechanisms” to transfer your library
  • Existing games will play as you’re accustomed to on PS4 Pro
  • Boosting the clock rate to achieve better frame rates -Can reach resolutions not thought possible on a console in 2016
  • Not intended to blur the line between gens
  • Takes advantage of some of AMD Polaris -More than doubled power of GPU


Sony PlayStation 4 Pro has been expected since March after the news broke out that Sony has been working on a upgraded version of PS4.