Planes Could Be Coming To Warzone In A Future Update

Planes could be about to make their debut in Call of Duty Warzone as data miners find references to air vehicles in the game files.

Warzone has its fair share of vehicular warfare with plenty of cars and helicopters to transport players around the map. One form of air transport is missing, though – airplanes.

That could all be about to change. Data miners have uncovered a bunch of files in the Warzone code that seem to refer to planes.

The lines of code were added alongside the latest Season 4 Reloaded patch. References were included in a file related to the new objective-focused mode, Payload. The mode sees players fight over a convoy of vehicles that must pass through a series of checkpoints within a time limit.

A welcome feature?

Here are the lines of code, posted by regular data miner, Zesty: 

Although the references have appeared in Season 4, it’s more likely that these planes are planned for an update much further in the future. There are several references to the Allies and Axis forces, the two sides that took part in WW2.

The setting of the next Call of Duty title is heavily rumoured to take place during WW2, codenamed Vanguard. It’s set to be revealed later this summer with a heavy tie-in with Warzone. Apparently, Warzone will see an entire new map added to the game alongside Vanguard, supposedly set in the Pacific theatre of war.

Whether it’s possible for players to drive these planes remains to be seen. It could just be that planes are set to appear overheard, controlled by AI. It would be similar to the rockets that appeared in the sky when Warzone transitioned from the present day to the 1980’s.

Industry insider Tom Henderson has also taken note of the plane leaks but hasn’t confirmed any further information as to whether they’ll be included in Warzone soon. Activision also hasn’t commented on the leak.

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Featured Image Credit: Activision