No Man’s Sky Modder Won’t Stop Adding Creator’s Face To The Game

Five years after the release of No Man’s Sky, the face of the game’s creator has finally made its way into the space explorer, and it’s kind of creepy [via TheGamer].

No Man’s Sky has been the centre of the ultimate story of redemption. From moving from its troubled launch to consistent support, the game has steadily become what gamers were promised.

Right alongside that story of redemption is Sean Murray. The front-man of all things Hello Games, Murray retreated into the shadows as a lot of what was promised for the game wasn’t true.

However, a recent mod seems to be honouring or provoking Murray. To be honest, I’m not quite sure.

Credit: Gamepur


On No Man’s Sky’s fifth birthday, Hello Games announced Frontiers. This is the next ambitious expansion for the game. However, since its announcement, nearly a month ago, there is still no sign of when Frontiers will arrive. Typically, releases swiftly follow any update announcements.

Twitter user @WSLTP grew tired of waiting for the update, however. And as an act of rebellion, has been modding Sean Murray’s face into the game in a variety of disturbing ways.

WSLTP didn’t just edit Murray’s face onto the character avatar. They also stuck it on some of the creatures that make up No Man Sky’s infinite universe. In a video posted on Twitter, we see a Sean Murray avatar riding a Sean Murray Floaters. And then the most horrifying of all, a Sean Murray Blob.

It looks like the modding madness will continue, as WSLTP has promised to mod Murray’s face into the game in new ways each day until Frontier’s release. I can’t wait to see where Murray’s face will pop up next.

On a scale of one to ten, how disturbing/hilarious do you find the Murray face mods? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Feature Image Credit: The Gamer/ Wffctech