Massive No Man’s Sky update goes live, adds unbelievable amount of content

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky released last year on August 9th, 2016. Despite the hype that was built around it, it was without a doubt one of the biggest flops in the gaming industry. The game slowly became obscure amongst gamers and since then the developers have been doing their best to improve the in-game experience.

The biggest updates, Pathfinder and Foundation certainly brought life to the game and helped it became relevant. This year, celebrating the one year anniversary of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games decided to offer gamers another major update, Atlas Rise. It packs a lot of different additions to the game including the previously controversial multiplayer mode and an extended story content.

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In contrast to the previous major updates, Hello Games decided to rely on community feedback in order to satisfy the gamers’ desires one of them being the ability to salvage crashed aircraft. It is great to see even after the initial disappointment, fans of the game are still trying to improve it by providing the developers with constant feedback.

At the very first release of the game, the main goal of it was vague. There weren’t a lot of things to interact with, and the whole idea became boring after an hour or so of gaming. This time, however, Hello Games promises a more immerse experience with plenty of new things for the players to engage with. More specifically, Hello Games promised 30 hours of new content. The lore itself has been expanded by a lot with the inclusion of new side quests during the game. The developer claims that every mission is unique to the player and new ones are being constantly generated. Each task completed will reward the players in different ways. A dedicated narrator inside your cockpit is also available to keep you company and guide you throughout lone the universe.

Speaking of lone, you may not be so alone anymore. For those who remember from last year, Hello Games mysteriously decided to exclude the multiplayer mode even though it was one of the focusing points in the marketing campaign of the game. Most of the people wanted to buy the game in order to explore new planets alongside their friends or even face others in space combats. The developers have learned from their mistakes and have now included a setup which can accommodate up to 16 different players. Voice chat is also an option. However, it’s proximity-based which means that you won’t be able to listen to other players if they are too far away from you. The addition of multiplayer won’t provide a vast variety of ways to interact with other travelers, although this an important first step into the world of co-op in No Man’s Sky, according to the developer.

Atlas Rises improves the general trading system of the game. Players can now craft their own products using different materials which can then be traded. Gas harvesters are now included into No Man’s Sky which will help players extract various materials from the planet’s atmosphere and then craft them. The Analysis Visors of the game has also been improved. They now provide more information about the creatures and offer better rewards for scanning. The User Interface has also received a change. A new mission log is added to the system, helpful for keeping an eye on pending missions. The overall page is now cleaner and easier for the eye to see. Moreover, it includes new tips and gameplay explanations for either new or returning adventurer. One other, rather small change is the one of Depth of Field which can be enabled or disabled depending on the gamer’s preferences.

Hello Games decided to give players the ability to manipulate the terrain of any planet in the way they desire by either adding or removing terrain. This certainly gives gamers capability to create their ideal planets with no limitations. If you are not new to the game, you may have come across some black monoliths scattered across planets. They were just standing there doing nothing as there was no way to activate them. Despite that, Hello Games had presented the purpose of those monoliths, which was teleportation. In The Atlas Rises update, those Ancient portals are activated but can only be used after unlocking mysterious glyphs. Players can share those glyphs across the community in order to help others travel through those portals faster.

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Other additions to the game include the ability to fly low on a planet, new ships, improved space battles, and conversation from Celsius to Fahrenheit based on location.

Overall, this new update certainly gives life to No Man’s Sky. If you don’t own the game already, you can get it for as low as $23.33 on various platforms such as Steam and PlayStation Store which also includes the latest update. For further details concerning the Atlas Rises update, you can read the full patch notes from Hello Games.