This Is What Jason Momoa Would Look Like As Kratos from God of War

Jason Momoa is quite popular in the movie industry starring in both films and television series. He has played in the highly beloved series, Game of Thrones and is currently shooting for the upcoming DC film, Aquaman as the main character.

As far as the gaming related films are concerned, Momoa is set to star as Rico Rodriguez in the upcoming Just Cause movie. The film will be based on the gaming franchise, Just Cause. With that being said, fans of his films are interested to know in what future projects he would like to participate in.

In a QnA session, Momoa was asked if he would consider playing as Kratos, the main character of the God of War franchise. Although his answer was positive, this doesn’t, in any case, confirm his participation in any upcoming God of War film. It would be interesting to see however whether Sony would like to include Momoa in the casting crew if any God of War film gets announced.

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Moama in that answer only expressed his opinion regarding the issue but it certainly spiked the interest of the fans of both his work and the video game series. One certain approach to entice fans was the one of BossLogic who made an exclusive artwork depicting what Momoa would look like if he played as Kratos on God of War.

The artwork itself looks amazing. It definitely gives us a general idea of what we could except from Sony and their possible collaboration with the Hollywood star, Jason Momoa. Nonetheless, Sony themselves haven’t confirmed anything yet, concerning any God of War film.

On the other hand, Momoa is now busy shooting for Aquaman which is set to release on December 21, 2018. Apart from that, he is also in the cast crew of Justice League and Braven which he also happens to co-produce.

The God of War game is on the way to its release. It is set to reach the shelves of the stores in the first quarter of 2018. Despite the predecessors taking place in Ancient Greece, the new game will be held in a place far away, Scandinavia.

The main character will be once again Kratos but this time, the game is set in the Norse Mythology. Moreover, unlike the previous games, Kratos will now have his son to keep him company throughout the campaign. His name is Atreus and you will have to train him in order to survive in the wild cold Norway.

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Unfortunately, the game will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The only way for people that don’t own the console to experience the game would be for Sony to release a film about it.

Considering the upcoming Spider-Man game and its pre-release success, this approach would definitely benefit Sony as the God of War franchise is favored by almost all gamers. We guess we will have to wait and see what Sony is preparing for us in the future.