No Man’s Sky now being Officially Investigated For False Advertising

The UK ASA, the United Kingdom’s independent regulator for advertising across media has now formally launched an official investigation into No Man’s Sky by Hello Games for false advertising claims. No Man’s Sky is being accused of utilizing media campaigns that aren’t representative of the product being sold. The complaints are in regards to the trailers, screenshots, and general information on the Steam store page of No Man’s Sky, with regards to them being misleading and misrepresenting the actual game.

No Man's sky giant creatures 2

Here are the official claims:
User interface design
Ship flying behaviour (in formation; with a ‘wingman’; flying close to the ground)
Behavior of animals (in herds; destroying scenery; in water; reacting to surroundings)
Large-scale space combat
Structures and buildings as pictured
Flowing water
Speed of galaxy warp/loading time
Aiming systems

Size of creatures
Behavior of ships and sentinels
Structures and buildings as pictured
Store Page in general

Graphics Quality:
References to: lack of loading screens, trade convoys between stars, factions vying over territory

The complaint is being brought against both No Man’s Sky and the games primary distributor Valve (via the Steam platform.) The parties will have the option to voluntarily remove prior marketing materials that contain false claims, even including the game’s official trailer and screenshots.


Previously Sony’s president of worldwide studios publicly criticized the game as well.