New upcoming PS4 game – Hints President of Sony Japan

Hiroshi Kawano, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia has hinted a brand new PS4 game in works and to be announced.

In an interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu, Kawano said, “After the western release of the PS4 the pre-orders of the PS4 and the camera bundle have increased in Japan. I’d be lying if I said I’m not very aware of the competition with other platforms, but that’s not all that matters. What really matters is that the industry is still an interesting place to work in and is growing.”

Talking about the preorder options and launch of PS4 in Japan, Kawano added, “I can’t promise it, but we’ll make an effort in that direction. We might run a launch event for our customers on February 22nd. The plan is to release software on PS4 constantly after launch. There’s also one title I can’t yet announce. I’m considering how to disclose it in the future, so look forward to it.”

It is still unclear as to which title Kawano is talking about and we’ll have to wait for an official announcement.  Wouldn’t it be delightful if it does turn out to be ‘The Last Guardian’ by Sony Japan Studio, which has been in oblivion since 2009?

Though that is just our anxious guess, we’ll keep you updated with further details. Do let us know your guesses below in the comment section.