Japan has Made Console Modding and Save Editors Illegal

Japan is one of the gaming capitals of the world and it seems like they are leading the way once again with the way they handle people modding consoles and similar. Console Modding and Save Editors are now completely illegal and come with some massive punishments. If you are found to be involved in either … Read more

Japan Is Building A Huge Gundam Statue That Will Actually Move

It’s Black Friday and Amazon have great deals on all things gaming and tech check them out here: US Amazon Black Friday deal UK Amazon Black Friday deal Japan doesn’t shy away from making the most out of its most beloved IPs, including the likes of Pokemon, Hello Kitty and Dragon Ball. In the past … Read more

An Official Eevee Tamagotchi Is Being Released

It’s black Friday and Amazon have great deals on all things gaming and tech check them out here: US Amazon Black Friday deals UK Amazon Black Friday deals Tamagotchis were one of the greatest toys of the 90s, and they’ve seen a big of a resurgence recently as more and more people search for a … Read more

Japan Has Officially Given Up On A PlayStation Console

It’s a sad day for us all, as Japan has finally decided to give up on one iconic console. Kotaku reports that the Sony Interactive Entertainment’s aftercare service for the PlayStation 2 in Japan is coming to an end. Looking back at all the good times we had, it’s hard not to feel a little … Read more

9 Japanese Video Games You Need to Play Before You Die

Besides the ultra-popular franchises like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, Japanese creators have fathered a myriad of other important and valuable gaming titles and because they have such entertaining gameplay and compelling storylines it would be a pity to let them fall into oblivion. To celebrate diversity, we’ve put together a list with … Read more

Niantic shares some terrible news about requesting new gyms and Pokestops

Pokemon Go developers, Niantic, have officially stopped taking requests for new gyms and Pokestops. As I’m sure they’ve had tons of people wanting their homes turned into one of them, hopefully you’ve already submitted your request. They have posted this statement on their website, in the troubleshooting section. Please note, we are currently not accepting submissions … Read more