Niantic shares some terrible news about requesting new gyms and Pokestops

Pokemon Go developers, Niantic, have officially stopped taking requests for new gyms and Pokestops. As I’m sure they’ve had tons of people wanting their homes turned into one of them, hopefully you’ve already submitted your request. They have posted this statement on their website, in the¬†troubleshooting section.

Please note, we are currently not accepting submissions for new PokéStops or Gyms.

They’ve also updated their website with something that allows you to fill out a request to have a gym or Pokestop removed, if it’s in some sort of unsafe location. It also applies to landmarks and your homes, if necessary.

via Niantic

In addition to this news, Pokemon Go was also released in Japan today, and the Japanese government issued a safety warning for all users. The warning is basically telling players to be alert of their surroundings, especially around train platforms.


Pokemon Go has put gaming into mainstream media around the world more than any other release of a game in recent memory. It’s amazing to see how big it’s become and continues to get. Just remember to stay safe out there.