4 Horrible Things We’ve All Done In Fallout

Fallout is a series that allows you to do messed up things, and hell, even encourages it at times. We’ve all done some pretty terrible things to either spice up the experience, or maybe it’s just your normal play style. Either way, let’s reflect on some of the most messed up things we’ve done in Fallout. Also note, there will be spoilers ahead.

Killed Shaun


via Bethesda

Ah yes, Fallout 4‘s main objective of the game was to find your unfrozen, subsequently kidnapped little boy, Shaun. Stolen from you when he was just a baby.. about 150 years after the bombs fell due to being forced into cryo-sleep, Shaun is kidnapped by Kellogg, a mercenary working for the Institute.

You watch it all happen from your own cryo chamber, and are then refrozen, only to be awaken again 60 years later. Your search for Shaun eventually takes a somewhat sinister turn when you realize that Shaun has aged the entire time you’ve been frozen. Your son actually passes you in visible age, and you learn he waited all that time to unfreeze you.

A lot of us were unable to forgive Shaun for how the wasteland and Institute had changed him. He simply wasn’t your son anymore. And his vision of the cleansing the wasteland was simply evil. He had to go.