Japan Is Building A Huge Gundam Statue That Will Actually Move

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Japan doesn’t shy away from making the most out of its most beloved IPs, including the likes of Pokemon, Hello Kitty and Dragon Ball.

Credit: Sunrise

In the past there’s been everything from trains to planes, all showcasing the very best that Japan has to offer.

The country’s latest wonderful and wacky project has just been announced, and Gundam fans are going to be happy.

Credit: Sunrise

At a recent press conference it was announced that an 18-meter-high Gundam statue is going to be erected at Gundam Factory Yokohama – and it’s going to be able to move on its own.

Unveiling the following image during the event, the team confirmed the statue would be up in the summer of 2020.

Credit: BandaiChannel

It’s not the first time a Gundam statue has been placed in Japan, but it’s the first time there’s going to be a moving one. From the revealed image, it’s hard to say whether or not the statue will walk, stomp or floss, but hopefully it’s not the latter…

One of the most memorable Gundam statues out and about in Japan was back in 2017, when a life-size Unicorn RX-0 was unveiled. The model’s helmet move and lit up.

The 2020 Gundam is expected to be revealed just in time for the OIympic Games.

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