Sony’s ultimate goal – Make PlayStation 4 ‘economically viable’

John Koller, vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment America has put light on what is the real goal of Sony for their latest flagship console.

In an interview with CVG at CES 2014 Koller said that it is not a big deal for PS4 to hit the 4.2 million mark in 2013 compared to 3 million hit by Xbox One in terms of sales.

Koller explained, “We look at it really just introspectively. The 4.2 million ‘number’ is important because it gets us further towards our goal. And that goal is the largest install base we can possibly get – to encourage publishers and developers to continue to make great game experiences for PS4.”

“That’s the ultimate goal. You want to make it economically viable, and a great business for the big publishers and developers to say, ‘You know what, I wanna be on PS4 either first, exclusively’ or whatever it is, utilize the feature set the PS4 has and really encourage that as a business.”

“I think that’s the goal of the larger install base. I mean, sure, we all look at the competition and see where people are, but for us we’ve got to keep growing, getting bigger and bigger. I think we’ve got a great opportunity specifically because we’ve got a great product.”

When asked about sales target for PS4 in numbers, Koller said, “I don’t think we have a specific number that we’re shooting for because that’s where the PS2 was or that’s where the Wii was. We did have the biggest launch ever in 24 hours – we’ve talked about that publicly, but in general it’s really about how can you get the biggest install base and encourage a great business, and really make games that our gamers want.”

PlayStation 4 though had the biggest console launch in history, does have a long way to go, especially in new emerging markets like India where the prices are still very high at Rs 39990. Do you think Sony will succeed in the goal of PS4 being available at reasonable rates in near future? Let us know your thoughts below.