Hideo Kojima Fine Tunes Button Layout In Metal Gear Solid 5

Hideo Kojima recently took to Twitter in order to announce that he’s fine tuning the button layout in his upcoming title, Metal Gear Solid 5. Let’s be honest with ourselves, some video games just operate better on certain consoles and this is mainly because of the overall feel of a particular controller. Although, while this is the case for a number of video games, Hideo Kojima will ensure the best gaming experience no matter the console you personally choose to play on.

Hideo Kojima tweeted the following:

“Each controller not only differs the location of buttons but also its forms & mechanism. Extra work for adjustment.”

Kojima is the father of the Metal Gear Solid series with the first title released back in 1987. Since then, the Metal Gear Solid series has spanned over 30 titles ranging from side stories, HD remakes, arcade machines and even made its way to the mobile platform. To simply say the Metal Gear Solid series is anything but popular is vastly an understatement and would do the series no justice. For us gamers, it would seem that Hideo Kojima would live perpetuity making Metal Gear Solid titles but that’s not the case.

In the past, Hideo Kojima has made mention that certain Metal Gear Solid games would be his last works. However, he still manages to bring out countless titles for the series which ultimately leads for an enticing gameplay and story. While we may never know just when Kojima may step down from the series, one thing is for sure, he will continue to bring out a quality video game for the fans while the series is under his watch.