New Fallout 4 Duplication Glitch Which Works With 1.4 Patch

Another patch, another glitch. This time it’s a new duplication glitch that works for Fallout 4’s new 1.4 patch. We were emailed by YouTuber Starlord with all the details.

This is obviously a post geared towards console players since PC players can spawn anything into the game. If you play on console and you’re trying to get supplies for all the new settlement building options coming in tomorrow’s Wasteland Workshop DLC, now’s your chance.

Starlord sent us a nice text guide and also posted the video to YouTube, which we’ll embed below. Give him a thumbs up if you find it helpful. Text guide by Starlord:

  • So firstly you’re going to want to go to any of your settlements. Go to your red workbench and take out all of the Junk from it. (This is for ease of access)
Step 1
via Starlord
  • Secondly you’re going to place all of the Junk from your inventory into a separate container such as a cabinet. Before exiting the container you’ll want to take out the junk you want to duplicate, so lets say Antiseptic (1000).
Step 2
via Starlord
  • Now that we have the junk we want to duplicate, we need to get into an open space, open up our pipboy and drop the Junk onto the floor. Once dropped we want to go back into our settlement building mode
Step 3
via Starlord
  • From here we hover over the item and make sure it’s highlighted and we want to quickly slide our fingers from the X, A and then the B button. But if you’re playing on the Playstation 4 those buttons would be Square, X and then O.
Step 4
via Starlord
  • If done correctly you should see a notification pop up really quick and then another one straight afterwards. This means you have done it correctly. Now we just select yes on the message “store item in workshop?” and if you go check inside your workshop you will hopefully have done the glitch correctly!
End Result!
via Starlord

YouTube video

Let us know if this glitch is working as expected in the comments below.