Mass Effect’s Female Characters Are Intentionally Ugly For This Reason

Bioware really screwed up this time. A large portion of the gaming community is up in arms about the character design and modeling for the female characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The developers of Mass Effect: Andromeda are currently under fire for intentionally making the female characters less attractive than in past games. You might say, “well, maybe the new characters are just more accurate portrayals of the real-life models Bioware chose- it is possible, right?” Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Check out this tweet from @luzariuslive:

Steven Brewis’s character looks a lot like him, even down to the stubble. Then, you look at Sara Ryder- and nothing makes any sense. Bioware’s representation of Jayde Rossi looks absolutely nothing like her. It’s not even remotely close. Here’s another example from Twitter:

Not. Even. Close. Bioware became notorious for this after doing pretty much the exact same thing to the vast majority of the female characters in Dragon Age Inquisition, and it doesn’t look like they’ve changed their ways at all.

Personally, I think this entire thing is a little ridiculous. Female character models in games like Fallout 4 and the Witcher 3 have nothing wrong with them, and they (for the most part) aren’t overly sexualized. Their female characters are accurate representations of the models they are based off of- as are the males. It’s a shame Bioware thinks that they need to do this to keep feminists happy. Intentionally toning down the beauty of models like Jayde Rossi just so people won’t riot is ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with an accurate character model.


And you certainly don’t see anyone getting mad about any of the ridiculously jacked male character models in games, now do you?