The Best Games Like No Man’s Sky To Play Right Now

If you’re a fan of No Man’s Sky and you’re looking for new games just like it to play, here are some of the best ones that you can play right now. Whether you’re looking for some sci-fi adventures or you’re eager to get exploring mysterious worlds, these games should be great choices. Astroneer Astroneer … Read more

BioWare Confirms A New Mass Effect Game Is Coming

Mass Effect is truly an iconic gaming franchise, even if its latter games (or game, I should say) haven’t been anything to write home about. If Mass Effect could get back to its roots, it’d definitely make a lot of people happy, and it seems that BioWare definitely has plans for a new Mass Effect … Read more

6 Incredible Games That Are Probably Never Coming Back

There are a lot of great gaming IP’s out there. Some of them get the chances they deserve to shine, others just kind of fall by the wayside. Here’s a look at six incredible games that we’ll probabally never see again, but we can keep our fingers crossed either way. 6. Mass Effect This once-beloved … Read more

Mass Effect’s Female Characters Are Intentionally Ugly For This Reason

Bioware really screwed up this time. A large portion of the gaming community is up in arms about the character design and modeling for the female characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda. The developers of Mass Effect: Andromeda are currently under fire for intentionally making the female characters less attractive than in past games. You might … Read more

Mass Effect 2 is now free to download

Mass Effect 2 is now free on Origin. The game is often regarded as the best one among the original trilogy. EA is giving away the standard edition of Mass Effect 2 which will add up to their ‘On the house‘ list. The game, however will not contain the bonus armor and weapons, digital art book, soundtracks etc. … Read more

BioWare Finally Reveals Release Date For Mass Effect: Andromeda

The GM of BioWare, Aaryn Flynn, has released a statement on behalf of the studio to inform of us that on March 21, 2017 (And a couple days later in Europe), Mass Effect: Andromeda is going to be released. Mass Effect is one of the iconic franchises in gaming, and Aaryn calls this their most … Read more