Legal Fine Print Says Modern Warfare Remastered Requires Infinite Warfare Disc Insert

When it was originally announced that Infinite Warfare, the new Call of Duty (this time in space), would be released with a remastered version of the legendary first Modern Warfare most gamers lost their minds. However, when the dust settled on this monumentus news of the release of a remastered version of such a ground-breaking and genre-solidifying game, gamers started to worry. How can we buy the remastered version of Modern Warfare if we want that and don’t actually even want to bother with IW. Well, it seems like it’s not entirely possible to do so.

According to the fine print on the box of the deluxe version of Infinite Warfare – which arrives with the remastered Modern War fare:

Modern Warfare Remastered is a full game download (game disc must be inserted to playModern Warfare Remastered).



The news will be disappointing to anyone who is not really interested in the new installment of the franchise and instead wishes to keep it classic. For example, it seems that players won’t be able to sell Infinite Warfare and only keep the COD4 remastered edition. There’s no strong indication that Modern Warfare will even be sold separately yet. Although, there has been some slight rumours.