Activision comments on if CoD: WWII was made due to Infinite Warfare debacle, gives unexpected answer

It is no surprise that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is one of the most despised (yet profitable) games ever to be released. Despite the severe backlash received from their lastentry, Activision has finally answered the million dollar question: “Was CoD: WWII developed because of the Infinite Warfare’s negative reception?” Despite selling over 12 million copies, the Call of … Read more

6 Reasons Infinite Warfare Killed the Call of Duty Franchise

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was probably the most hated game of all time before it even came out. Unfortunately for the franchise, the game failed to redeem itself. Here are 6 reasons why Infinite Warfare may have been the last nail in the Call of Duty franchise’s coffin. The trailer gave it a terrible … Read more


Infinity Ward Announces These Changes Coming to IW Based On Player Feedback

Infinity Ward has detailed in a Reddit post some of the changes they’re bringing to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at launch based on player feedback from the beta. These changes include: WEAPONS: Shotguns: Increased the consistency of shotgun damage Shotgun damage at longer range has been increased Slightly increased the one shot kill range. … Read more

Here’s how much space you’ll need to download Battlefield 1 on PS4

In the interest of preparing you for Battlefield 1’s imminent console launch, here are the storage requirements for the upcoming game. They’re far more reasonable than Infinite Warfare’s massive 130 GB. You’ll be needing 45.5 GB of free space, which is just over a third of the space required for Infinite Warfare.  According to the PlayStation Store, … Read more