Last Beta Event Scheduled for The Elder Scrolls Online

Email invitations have recently been sent out for The Elder Scrolls last beta event. The large-scaled event will begin on Friday, March 14th at 5 pm GMT, and will end on March 17th 3:59 am GMT.

Players who have already played the game can continue where they last saved, while beginners will have to go through a “re-worked introductory experience.”

If the players already have last weekends beta installed, all they need is a quick patch, and the game won’t make them go through a 30 GB download.

The NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) has concluded so players can now share (use #esobeta) and record gameplay as much as they want to for all the internet to see. There will also be some beta streams broadcasting, so keep an eye out if you are interested in the game.


The PC and Mac players who were or will be involved in the beta, will acquire the gift of a monkey vanity pet to take with you on your adventures.

But wait there’s more! In the beta, players will also get the chance to try out the Imperial Edition and Explorer’s Pack of the game, including some extra perks.

Will you be participating in the beta? Comment below.