Reason why InFAMOUS: Second Son runs at 30fps

The Director of InFAMOUS: Second Son, Nate Fox was in a recent interview where he explained why their upcoming next-gen 1080p title is running at the frame rate of 30fps (frames per second) instead of 60fps.

He gave an idea of what the game would have lost if it were to run at 60fps:

“Resolution. I mean, that’s the easy answer, right? That’s what PC games do.”

“I wouldn’t want to compromise any of the particle effects, as I think that’s what makes Delsin’s powers look alive and real… and you can’t sacrifice any of that.”


Fox says that a higher frame rate can be harmful to the game’s effects as well:

“Cruising around town and using those abilities is the chief joy of the game, so that’s not going to be it, and we’re certainly not going to cut down on the detail in the world.”

“What would you expect would go away in a game? Resolution seems like the obvious thing.”

He goes on to say that they would also have to decrease the number of civilians on the streets:

“You need people on the streets, or you don’t feel like the hero, unless you’re saving people, you’re just some crazy super killer.”


Resolution is one of the biggest things that would be affected if they would’ve made the frame rate any higher, and we all know how people react to graphics.

Even though the PS4 is a strong machine, developer Sucker Punch wasn’t inclined to setting back the detailed graphic effects, just to speed up the frame rate. It is evident that they are doing what is best for the game.

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