Killzone Dev shares PS4 graphical power details

Guerilla Games is known for supporting the launch of new PlayStation systems with its Killzone series. And the launch of PS4 saw them produce another visual treat in the form of Shadow Fall.

The developer, known for making the exclusive series for the system, shared some details about the technological leap made from the PS3 to PS4. As an example, they stated that both the previous Killzone games released on the PS3 had about 8000 building blocks with three ‘level of detail’ steps.

It latest game which released as a launch title for PS4 is able to produced 26,000 blocks with seven ‘level of detail’ step. A nearly 200% increase.

“For a scene – what we call a section – on the PlayStation 3, we’d have a maximum of 7000-8000 building blocks and now we’re seeing that on PS4 that we’re pushing 26,000 building blocks. We’d have two LOD steps for these elements, now we have seven LOD steps,” reveals lead environment artist, Kim van Heest in a technical interview with EuroGamer.

This is just a small sample of what Sony’s new system is capable of producing and we can’t wait to know what other tricks the recently released system throws out in days to come.