Gran Turismo 6 will Have Microtransactions

Sony has revealed on the European PlayStation blog that the next installment in the Gran Turismo franchise will introduce microtransactions. You can pre-order the game on the PSN both in Standard and Special Editions. With the Special Edition you will get the full game, 20 extra cards, custom PSN avatars, paint chips, race suits and race helmets.

In addition, players can now buy in-game credits with real money for use in unlocking cars and parts.. Players will be able to purchase in denominations of 500K, 1 million, 2.5 million or 7 million credits. Of course players will be able to unlock everything the old fashioned way, but for those not willing to wait they can skip to the good stuff right away.

The above picture will give some idea as to what various cars will cos t and what you can get with the purchased in-game credits. Gran Turismo 6 will exclusive come to the PlayStation 3 on December 6th.