How To Get Mechagodzilla Early In Warzone – Operation Monarch

If you’re jumping into the Operation Monarch event in Warzone, you might have noticed a few players rocking a funky new operator skin. The fiery red Mechagodzilla skin is certainly one of the better looking additions to Warzone, but strangely, it’s not yet available to purchase on the bundle store. There is a secret way to get it early, if you’ve cash to spare – here’s how to get the Mechagodzilla skin early in Warzone.

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Credit: Activision

How to get Mechagodzilla – Warzone

If you open up the latest Warzone event, you’ll see an advertisement for the latest bundles in the top right of your screen. At the moment, there’s a Godzilla bundle as well as a King Kong bundle. You can buy both of these separately from the ‘Store’ tab in the Warzone menu for a price of 2,400 CP each.


However, there’s a secret third bundle that gives you access to the Mechagodzilla skin. Users on Reddit have discovered that the bundle might release officially on May 14th, according to the game files. 

So, how on earth are players accessing the Mechagodzilla skins early? The answer is cash. If you purchase both the Godzilla and King Kong bundles from the Operation Monarch page, then you’ll be presented with the option to purchase the Mechagodzilla. That’s a whopping 7,200 CP that you’ll need to unlock the bundle. In the UK, that will set you back over £50.

Credit: Activision

It seems like the Mechagodzilla skin bundle will become a standalone purchase on May 14th. But if you want to get ahead of the curve and unlock the skin early, you’ll have to cough up the cash. These skins sadly can’t be unlocked by completing challenges or ranking up the Battle Pass.


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Featured Image Credit: Activision