Here Are The First Trailers For The Ghost In The Shell Movie

The Japanese media franchise, Ghost in the Shell – best known as a manga series – is getting a live-action movie coming March next year. It will star Scarlett Johannson as a cyborg policewoman The Major.

The first trailers for the film have been released and they look interesting and terrifying in equal parts. They have been released as separate mini-trailers rather than a full-length one. Check them out in a playlist here:

YouTube video

The synopsis states that The Major and her task force, Section 9, must join forces to stop criminals and hackers. It looks to retain the type of style that the franchise has captured so well so far. The series is known for its large, passionate fan base so it will be interesting to see how they react to these trailers.


ghost in shell

Are you a Ghost in the Shell fan or just a manga fan in general? Let us know what you think of the recent trailer reveal.