Ghost in the Shell cast photos leaked on major sites in Asia

New photos of the Ghost in the Shell cast members are being circulated throughout major websites in Asia. We have already seen photos of Scarlett Johansson as The Major, but below are more pictures featuring your favorite Public Security Section 9 members.

The live action film based off the anime is set to release some time in 2017. These photos have not been confirmed as 100% accurate yet, so take it with a grain of salt.

Batou, played by Pilou Asbæk


ghost 6

Togusa, played by Chin Han

ghost 2

Ishikawa, played by Lasarus Ratuere

ghost 3

Daisuke Aramaki, played by Beat Takeshi


ghost 1

Saito, played by Yutaka Izumihara

ghost 5

Boma, played by Tawanda Manyimo

ghost 4

And of course, The Major, played by the lovely Scarlett Johansson

all images via Kotaku
all images via Kotaku