Head Of Xbox Says Halo Will Be Around In 10 Years, Even If Infinite Flops

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has said that the Halo franchise will continue regardless of whether Halo Infinite is successful [via TheGamer].

Halo Infinite is set to release later this holiday season and is looking to be one of the highlights of the year. A recent multiplayer deep dive suggests that this year might see the classic series return to its former glory

Credit: 343 Industries

Despite the multiplayer looking extremely promising, the single player campaign hasn’t been without controversy. A disappointing reveal last summer ended up pushing the game back by a whole year. 343 industries partly blamed the ongoing pandemic, the negative reaction from fans almost certainly had an impact.

Regardless of the negative feelings looming over Halo Infinite’s campaign, Phil Spencer is confident that the series will still be around long into the future. Speaking on the IGN Unlocked Podcast, Spencer says: “Halo will be here 10 years from now. Is Infinite the lynchpin on whether it survives that long? Absolutely not.

“The game has such a rabid fanbase and such a history and lore that it’s just an IP that’s going to be with us.”

Credit: Bungie
Credit: 343 Industries

“Finish this fight”

The original Halo game dates back to 2001 with each mainline game expanding the universe. That’s nothing in comparison to the companion novels which have extended the world beyond the story of Master Chief and into something far larger.

With the series becoming so popular among the gaming community, it’s starting to break out into other mediums. The upcoming Halo TV series is set to premiere on Paramount+ next year. 

Credit: 343 Industries

A few pre-production shots of the show leaked earlier this year. It’s certainly looking like it will be a story that remains faithful to the lore of Halo. Despite the show looking good so far, the executive producer of the series has said that they won’t return for a second season.

Even if the campaign of Halo Infinite does turn out to be lacklustre, the wider media portrayals and the player-focused multiplayer mode will surely carry the series forward.

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries