Halo Infinite Voice Actor Accidentally Teases 2021 Release Date

Halo Infinite was supposed to release last November alongside the Xbox Series X console, but a lacklustre reception delayed the game back by several months. We still don’t have a confirmed release date, but a voice actor in Halo Infinite may have just let slip when we’ll finally get to see it [via GGRecon].

Halo Infinite' is the first game in the series to support spatial audio |  Engadget
Credit: 343 Industries

Actor Verlon Roberts recently appeared on the Fadam and Friends podcast to discuss his acting and comedy career. It turns out that Roberts actually plays a role in Halo Infinite and shed some light on when the game could finally hit the shelves.

At around the 1:10:42 mark, Roberts discusses his experience of what it was like to visit 343 Industries in Seattle and act out the role of a Spartan.

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“That was one of my first auditions – auditioning for the video game Halo Infinite which was supposed to already be out but with the pandemic and everything… I think they had some leadership changes so now it’s pushed to late November this year,“ says Roberts.

“Finish this fight”

Following Infinite’s delay last year, project director Chris Lee left the project. Changes in management could be the sign of big changes in the creative vision for Halo Infinite. At the time, Lee said: “I believe in the team and am confident they will deliver a great game and now is a good time for me to step away,” [via PC Gamer].

Credit: 343 Industries

We already knew that Halo Infinite has a release window of Fall 2021, which could mean anything from October to December. Releasing in November would pit the shooter against other hit franchises, including Call of Duty and Battlefield which also usually launch around November.


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I reckon I can wait until the end of the year if it means I get to see Craig’s face once again <3.

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