Halo Infinite Is Selling Old Halo Reach Armour For $20

Halo Infinite is still going strong, but some fans are concerned about the pricing of armour sets from Halo: Reach.

A lot of Infinite’s customisation is inspired by, or just straight up taken from, Halo: Reach. You can get a lot of it through the battle pass, but some Reach sets were unavailable. Now, it seems 343 Industries is selling these missing sets separately for 2000 Credits, or $20.

This week’s shop reset introduced the HAZOP armour set, one of the first sets you can earn in Halo: Reach. Unlike that game, the only way to unlock is by coughing up the full price for the bundle. You can’t just buy the helmet either, you have to buy everything together.

Some players feel the price tag is simply too much to justify buying what was one of their favourites from Reach. One comment on Reddit reads, “This should have been in the battle pass. So disappointing.”

Out Of Reach

While some players are concerned about prices, others have taken issue with the fact it’s being sold in the first place. After all, this exact armour set was free in Reach.

Now it’s being sold for twice the price of a battle pass. That’s especially poor pricing when you factor in how much more you get from a battle pass. However, 343 and Microsoft seem adamant on keeping prices the way they are, judging by their lack of acknowledgement on the issue.

Hopefully we’ll get some kind of official statement on pricing soon. But as long as these sets keep selling, the average player’s concerns probably won’t be heard.

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[Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries]