NPCs In The Last Of Us 2 Are Fans Of The Harry Potter Books

There’s not much to do in the zombie apocalypse, which is probably why some of the NPCs in The Last of Us have taken to reading the Harry Potter novels.

The Last of Us: Part II is well over a year old now, but fans are still uncovering all sorts of easter eggs hidden by the developers. One of them is a subtle reference to the Harry Potter book series. This has canonised the books in the world of The Last of Us, alongside other pop-culture references like a-ha’s “Take on Me” and Pearl Jam’s “Future Days”.

When playing as Abby and wandering through the stadium hideout of the WLF, you’ll come across a bunch of soldiers eating in the mess hall. Stand around them for a while and they’ll begin to talk about the books they’re reading. One of them has specific references that can only be referring to the widely popular Harry Potter novels. The easter egg is highlighted in the video from ‘Speclizer’ below.

YouTube video

There was clearly nothing else left in the WLF library

One NPC can be heard saying: “They’re not just for kids. The first books are, sure. But the characters grow up over the series.” This is in reference to the three main protagonists of Harry Potter who all grow into young adults by the end of the seventh book.

Another NPC chips that they’re not that into superhero stories. They’re quickly corrected by explaining that the books are actually about wizards. Another heavy hint that these books are about Harry Potter is that it’s mentioned, “after the fourth book it gets really dark.” This tracks with the events of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In the fourth book, the Dark Lord Voldemort returns and the vibe of the wizarding world becomes one of grave danger. As the NPC continues bluntly, “Kids f*cking die”.

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[Featured Image Credit: Bloomsbury/Naughty Dog]