Price Changes Coming To Halo Infinite Store After Player Feedback

343 Industries has confirmed that price changes will be coming to the Halo Infinite microtransaction store after feedback from players. The Halo Infinite store has received a lot of criticism online from players who thought the prices were too high. A battle pass with 100 levels costs £10, but a bundle with a single armour … Read more

Halo Infinite Hotfix Fixes Major Issue For Xbox Players

A new Halo Infinite hotfix update has been released which fixes the Quick Resume bug on Xbox Series X|S consoles. Players have been struggling to jump back into their play sessions after a Quick Resume bug affected the game. If players used this feature, it stopped multiplayer cosmetics from showing up after finding them in … Read more

Halo Infinite Is Selling Old Halo Reach Armour For $20

Halo Infinite is still going strong, but some fans are concerned about the pricing of armour sets from Halo: Reach. A lot of Infinite’s customisation is inspired by, or just straight up taken from, Halo: Reach. You can get a lot of it through the battle pass, but some Reach sets were unavailable. Now, it … Read more

Halo Infinite Has Secret Armour That Only Developers Can Get

It turns out that Halo Infinite has some secret armour that only developers have access to. While Halo Infinite has had a lot of negative feedback for how it implements customisation, there’s no denying a lot of it looks quite good. Now it seems there’s a secret armour piece only 343 Industries’ developers can use. … Read more

Halo Infinite Upcoming Event Includes This Rad Samurai Armour

343 Industries has shown us more of what we can expect from the first free Halo Infinite event next week, as well as more in the future. The first event is called Fracture: Tenrai and it starts on Monday, November 22nd. This free event allows players to unlock armour and other gear. Events are temporary, … Read more