Halo Infinite Has Secret Armour That Only Developers Can Get

It turns out that Halo Infinite has some secret armour that only developers have access to.

While Halo Infinite has had a lot of negative feedback for how it implements customisation, there’s no denying a lot of it looks quite good. Now it seems there’s a secret armour piece only 343 Industries’ developers can use.

The armour was shown by Postums, the community support and engagement co-ordinator for 343. He showed his spartan’s look on Twitter, complete with blue flames on his helmet.


These flames are normally inaccessible, with no way to earn them in-game currently. When asked where he got the blue flame effect, he replied “this is an effect for employees”.

Through The Fire And The Flames

Halo Infinite has the standard red flaming helmet available in the battle pass. It also has new flame effects, including flaming shoulders and a new effect on your slide, sprint and grapple hook abilities. However, the elusive blue flames remain exclusive to 343 employees.

It’s possible that this new version of the flaming helmet could be made available in the future. In the past, players have received rewards for matching with 343 employees in-game. However, these rewards have usually been less flashy.

Until this effect is given to more people, it seems that 100% completing the game’s collection will be an impossible task. Well, unless you apply for a job at 343. Though why anyone would want to buy every single item in the game in the first place is beyond me.

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Image Credit: 343 Industries