Halo Infinite Hotfix Fixes Major Issue For Xbox Players

A new Halo Infinite hotfix update has been released which fixes the Quick Resume bug on Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Players have been struggling to jump back into their play sessions after a Quick Resume bug affected the game. If players used this feature, it stopped multiplayer cosmetics from showing up after finding them in the campaign.

Infinite’s campaign features ‘Mjolnir Lockers’, which are hidden collectibles that grant cosmetics to the player. You can use these cosmetics in the multiplayer side of Halo Infinite. They mostly take the form of coatings for your armour or weaponry.

Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armor Lockers: How to Find All 34 Armor Locker  Locations & All Multiplayer Cosmetic Rewards
Credit: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite Xbox Hotfix Patch Notes

Here are the full patch notes for the December 15th Halo Infinite Xbox Hotfix:

  • Improvements to online service connections after re-entering Halo Infinite using Quick Resume on Xbox Series X|S consoles. Players should see quicker and more stable reconnections to our services.
  • MJOLNIR Armor Locker customizations collected in Campaign are now consistently unlocked in the Multiplayer Customization menu.
  • Players who did not receive their customizations, either due to losing their internet connection or using Quick Resume on Xbox Series X|S consoles, should now have their customizations unlocked.
  • Achievements no longer track progress toward their completion, but will unlock as expected when their conditions are met.
  • If an Achievement’s conditions were met prior to this update but the Achievement did not unlock as completed yet, it should unlock after installing this update and continuing Campaign gameplay.

Have you encountered any issues with Quick Resume or Achievements? Let us know on social media.

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Image Credit: 343 Industries