Here’s What Happened To Michael And Trevor After GTA V Story

The latest update for GTA Online, ‘The Contract’, has given players a clue as to what happened to Michael and Trevor after the end of GTA V.

This latest update for GTA Online stealth dropped earlier this month and sees the return of fan favourite character, Franklin. It’s been eight long years since we last caught up with the character. The last we saw of him was at the end of the GTA V story. In the canon ending, we see all three protagonists team up against Devin Weston after completing a massive heist on the Union Depository.

Fans have been awaiting some sort of DLC or story update to explain what happened to the characters afterwards, but Rockstar has never delivered. However, there’s a throwaway line in this new update for GTA Online that indicates Michael and Trevor are still alive and thriving in Los Santos.

Where are Michael and Trevor now?

As reported by GGRecon, one mission in The Contract update tasks you with chasing a target through the Vinewood movie studios. Listen carefully and you’ll hear Franklin make a throwaway comment: “Man, sh*t. I know one of the producers around here. I hope his *ss ain’t at work today!”.

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This is more than likely referring to Michael de Santa who regularly expressed a love for movies during the story of GTA V. It seems as though he’s left a life of crime behind him and taken on the role of Hollywood movie producer. Good for him.

As for Trevor, we actually heard reference to his whereabouts in a previous GTA Online update. Back in 2017, the Smugglers Run update saw the character Ron return. He was less than happy with the way Trevor treated him at the time: “That b*stard Tre… my best friend? Who was supposed to protect me forever? Then he goes all Vinewood on me. He’s too important for Ron now! He’s a guru, he’s a lifestyle coach, I don’t know what he is – but he’s got abs!”

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It seems like all three of the GTA V protagonists are doing well for themselves after the epic showdown of the game’s finale. As for whether we’ll ever see Michael or Trevor again, we can’t be sure. It certainly doesn’t seem like Rockstar will be returning to Los Santos for GTA VI. However, we could see them pop up in future GTA Online DLC, just like Franklin. After all, GTA V is set to launch on next-gen consoles in 2022.

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[Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games]