GTA 6 Will Include Multiple Continents, Claims Leak

Ever since 2013 and the release of GTA V, people have been clamouring for news on GTA 6. Now, it seems we may finally have a decently plausible leak from an insider. An insider has claimed that Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in a state of active development since 2014. They say: “GTA is … Read more

Mexican Cartel Is Recruiting Real-Life Drug Mules in GTA Online

It’s been reported that the Mexican cartel is recruiting real-life drug mules in GTA Online, which is very concerning indeed. As we all know, the GTA franchise has always revolved around very controversial themes. It’s one of the many aspects that the franchise has continued to be extremely popular over the decades. GTA ONLINE WAS … Read more

Promotional image for GTA 5

Here’s What Happened To Michael And Trevor After GTA V Story

The latest update for GTA Online, ‘The Contract’, has given players a clue as to what happened to Michael and Trevor after the end of GTA V. This latest update for GTA Online stealth dropped earlier this month and sees the return of fan favourite character, Franklin. It’s been eight long years since we last … Read more

The GTA Trilogy Is Missing Some Of Its Original Soundtrack

We now have a full list of the soundtracks in the remastered GTA trilogy, and some of the original songs are missing. Rockstar has officially revealed the soundtracks for each game in their upcoming release, Grand Theft Auto: the Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. A lot of the original tracks are still intact, but some … Read more

Rockstar Job Listing Could Hint At Possible International GTA 6 Location

A user on the GTA 6 subreddit (yes, that’s already a thing) has uncovered a possible hint at the next GTA game’s location. Rockstar Toronto is hiring for the position of “Photogrammetry Artist”, which involves scanning real-life objects and textures to transfer them to 3D models in-game. It also involves scanning environments through the use … Read more