Grand Theft Auto 5 New Free DLC – Become A Mobster

Rockstar has just announced a brand new DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5 and the best part about it, the DLC is completely free! The DLC is made for the upcoming Valentine’s day where gamers can log online and download the free DLC this Friday. Newly added to the game includes a new weapon, vehicle, clothing and more. Lets run though them in more detail.

Gusenberg Sweeper:

Up first is the legendary Gusenberg Sweeper. The iconic gun used by any mobster worth their salt. If you want to spray away your enemies then pick up the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun from the Ammu-Nation store within GTA Online. However, during Story Mode the gun will be automatically placed in your arsenal where you can pick up extra ammo through Ammu-Nation.

Albany Roosevelt:

If you’re going to be a mobster then you need a ride that shows off class. Take a 1920 Albany Roosevelt around town. Let your friends hang off the side and take out a rival mob member while on the go. You can pick up this new ride through the in-game website or it can be accessed through any garage property in Story Mode.

New Threads:

You got the weapon of choice, you have the ride but now you need to look the part. The upcoming DLC will feature brand new attire. Dress up with the pinstripes suits, flapper dresses, new masquerade masks or show off in some undergarments, the choice is yours to make.

New Jobs:

Another new addition to the Grand Theft Auto 5 world is brand new jobs. In fact, there’s a total of 10 new positions to be filled and the include Deathmatches, new Parachute Jumps, and even Races featuring tracks on both land and sea.