Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel Downplays Graphics Importance Is In The Story

Recently, Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel spoke with Edge. During the interview, Ancel commented on the general direction in where the video game industry should be heading. Seems it’s a bit of a turn around on where he believe where the importance is laid currently. During the interview, Ancel made mention as to how the video game industry is relaying more and more on the realism of graphics. Instead of spending time on making graphics more realistic, it would seem that Ancel is looking for a better story to tell.

“We know how to take care with design better than before, but now the next step is to move away a little bit from the graphics. We know how to make games, but we need to work on how to make them really exciting and mysterious at the same time. We’ve made games with big cinematics and expensive sequences, and we’ve tried to make the games for millions of people. Now there are other explorations that we need to do.”

Ancel went on to say that he is currently working on a video game that is filled with memorable moments and strong consequences.

“I think there are some very memorable moments in games, and in the one I’m working on we try to make moments memorable and [imbue them] with strong consequences. It’s not only about a single moment, but the whole journey that the player is led through in the world. In Beyond Good & Evil, we tried to make the player travel and discover different things, and I think it’s something that you really need…

Currently, Ubisoft is set to release two unannounced video games during the next fiscal year which starts this April 1st. We’re assuming that the highly anticipated video game sequel for Beyond Good and Evil will be one of these titles announced.