Playstation Giving Out God of War III Remastered For Free

Playstation has announced that this month’s free games include God of War III and Destiny 2. Of course, there is a catch as you have to be signed up to PlayStation Plus. This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes: Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition, PS3 (Cross Buy with PS4 & Vita) QUBE Director’s Cut, … Read more

10 Classic PC Games You Can Download For Free

What’s the only thing better than getting to play classic video games? Getting to play them for free, It’s quite a tasty little treat when a good game from a solid dev is available free-for-play. What a time to be alive. Here are 10 classics you can get for free right now: Team Fortress 2 … Read more

6 Best Free MMORTS Games You Should Check Out

Tera The first game to be featured on this list is Tera which was released back in 2011 and was developed by Bluehole Studio and published by En Masse Enterainment, Gameforge and NHN Entertainment. Tera wound up being distributed by two famous gaming giants Atari and Ubisoft. The game features player versus player action along … Read more

Battlefield 4 Free Tomorrow For PS3 PS Plus Subscribers

PS Plus subscribers who happen to have a PlayStation 3 without a copy of Battlefield 4 from DICE will get a chance to play the game for free tomorrow. News broke that for a full day, Battlefield 4 will be free on the PlayStation 3. The game will only be available for 20 hours on the PlayStation 3 … Read more

May PlayStation Plus Games Available Now

Today those who are active subscribers to PlayStation Plus will be receiving a number of free video game downloads. We have a list of available video games available for free right now. As always, these games are free for download and will be available for gamers just as long as they continue their active subscription to PlayStation … Read more

Japan PS4 Gamers Receiving Free MMORPG

A new MMORPG is heading for PlayStation 4 gamers located in Japan. Ported from the PC version, Onigiri is set to release in Japan on April 16th. Onigiri just ended it’s alpha beta test for the PlayStation 4 port and if you’ve never heard of the MMORPG, here is the description according to the PC website of … Read more