8 Games You Do Not Want Your Parents To See You Playing



This game was a flop, and attributed to the bankruptcy of Acclaim in 2004. Was it worth it? Well, it definitely helped warm people up the idea of of more adult-themes games, but most of the publicity that BMX XXX received was of the negative variety.

None of that would really matter if the game itself was incredible, but it pulled very mixed reviews, averaging about 50/100. Sony wouldn’t even allow it to be released on PS2 until they created an edited version (what’s the point, then?), which was interesting because you could get this title on Gamecube, a divergence from Nintendo’s typical family-friendly vibe. “Hey kids, go to bed, Poppa needs to play his bike game…”

This one made our list because, let’s face it – would you rather your parents walk in as you’re grinding though the warehouse in THPS, or grinding on the handlebars like a stripper in BX?

Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball


DoA Xtreme Beach Volleyball took boob physics to the next level. The Dead or Alive series is an off-shoot of Ninja Gaiden. Most of the Dead or Alive games are fast-paced fighters, but this one took place entirely on the beach, in bikinis. Unlike BMX XXX, Xtreme Beach Volleyball was actually a pretty good game underneath the sexy coat of paint. In fact, the 3rd game in the series is currently in development for PS4. Keep doing your thing, Team Ninja.

Saint’s Row

Promotional image of The Protagonist wielding The Penetrator
Promotional image of The Protagonist wielding The Penetrator

If GTA is on this list, how could Saint’s Row be left off? Saint’s Row is basically GTA on crack… or PCP, or something. Whatever it is, it goes way over the top at every opportunity. It’s so cartoonishly insane that it almost crosses back over the line. Almost. With weapons like The Penetrator, there’s always room for SR on this list.