8 Most Valuable Video Game Collector’s Editions

Beware the eBay scams for some of your favorite games! Many people shake their heads at collector’s editions of video games. Usually the prices are too high, and a lot of times the included items don’t justify the high costs. With that being said, these expensive bundles appeal to some gamers, and it only takes a … Read more

8 Games You Do Not Want Your Parents To See You Playing

Parents… sometimes they’re super understanding and maybe even a little cool, but most of the time, nah, they just don’t get it. Just because you’re parked in a back alley spending time with a lady of the evening, or going on a shooting spree through suburbia, or any of the other countless and tasteless things you … Read more

Canned Saints Row Game Gets Released For Free

Volition, the creators of the popular franchise, Saint’s Row, did something commendable last night. It revealed that it was working on a now canned game for the PSP and decided to release it for free. Saints Row Undercover, is a game that was going to release for the PSP but things went south and the … Read more

Saints Row Developers Revealing New Game at PAX

From the creators of the Saints Row series, Volition has a new video game that they will be announcing this year during PAX. Specifically, the announcement is set to be revealed 10:00 am Friday within the Sandworm Theater where creative director Steve Jaros, voice actress Natalie Lander, producer Jim Boone along with Deep Silver’s brand … Read more

1 Hour Gameplay of Saints Row IV

Saints Row fans, feast your eyes on this one hour gameplay footage of the insanely entertaining game. You will be able to do many things with your character like gain superhero powers, run across buildings, murder random pedestrians with killer moves, have sexual intercourse, and of course battle against the alien invaders. Spare an hour … Read more