8 Most Valuable Video Game Collector’s Editions

Beware the eBay scams for some of your favorite games!

Many people shake their heads at collector’s editions of video games. Usually the prices are too high, and a lot of times the included items don’t justify the high costs. With that being said, these expensive bundles appeal to some gamers, and it only takes a short period of time for sellouts to occur since companies produce them in limited quantities. It can be frustrating when someone goes to the nearest store to finally splurge on a collector’s edition, only to discover it sold out weeks ago and the only way to buy one now is on eBay, where sellers tend to jack up the prices.

With this in mind, these are among the most expensive video game collector’s editions we’ve seen.

8. The Elder Scrolls V – Collector’s Edition

Price: $287 new

skyrim collectors edition
Source: Bethesda

You’re probably slightly shocked that the cheapest collector’s edition is worth over $250. But Bethesda knows its fan base and at the time, Skyrim was one of the biggest games out. It only made sense the best version of the game generated max profit.

7. Assassin’s Creed 2 – Master Assassin Edition

Price: $301 new

ac2 collectors edition
Source: Ubisoft

There’s not too much going on here. The used version is worth nothing and only GameStop had copies of these. At the time the AC series was at its pinnacle, so people actually purchased the collector’s edition. But not only was it sold in GameStop (retail wise), it was only available for North America which raised the price.

6. The Beatles: Rock Band – Limited Edition Premium Bundle

Price: $488

the beatles rock band
Source: EA

I never thought I’d write about a Rock Band game but this edition was costly. It came with fake instruments (so literally, toys) and some extra DLC that was just apparently so good you had to pay more than the cost of the console you played it on.

5. The Last Of Us – Post-Pandemic Edition

Price: $760 new

the last of us post pandemic edition
Source: Naughty Dog

The Last of Us is my favorite game, so deep down I’m trying to justify this to myself. However, we all know this price is insanely high, especially since this was a new IP at the time.

The statuette had a limited run and was designed by Project Triforce, a statue maker that deals exclusively with video games. The statue was worth $190, so that other $490 better be for a cure for a cordycep apocalypse. With the last of us being the second most awarded most game in the world (Witcher 3 recently beat it), the asking price went up!


4. Dark Souls 3 – Prestige Edition

Price: $860

dark souls 3 presitge edition
Source: Bandai Namco

At the time of writing this article there are still 12 days until this game is released, and you already have those pesky eBay sellers doubling the price of the collector’s edition beforehand. You may rub your head and sit back scoffing at this price, but the Dark Souls series is well established and has dedicated fans who would fork over the cash in a heartbeat.

Edit: Article was written before game was released. Now the price is around $6481 on some sites such as Amazon.

3.Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Fortune Hunter Edition

Price: $7,456 new

uncharted 2 fortune hunter edition
Source: Naughty Dog

Only 200 of these were made, and not just anyone could purchase this. You had to have played the demo at a specific time to get the chance to buy this monster, so the Fortune Hunter Edition was definitely inaccessible for many.

A new copy of this is going for a down payment on a car!


2. Dying Light – My Apocalypse Edition

Price: ahem….*cough*….$358,475

dying light my apocalypse edition
Source: Techland

Yes. I said that. Yes I just said this collector’s edition of a game is worth more than some decent houses. Coincidentally enough, you get a house with it, sort of.

Check this out and you’ll see what I’m talking about: Click here for the absurdity.


1. Saint’s Row 4 – Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition

This just left me speechless. The price is $1,000,000 new

I could discuss how this is insane but it’s honestly up to you to feel the awe. Just take a look at the image.

Plastic surgery in case you want to increase your sex appeal just like in the game. A full sized Dubstep gun because your favorite artist is Skrillex. Spy training. Correction: Spy training day. Yes, because one day of rock climbing is all you need.

You also get a lamborghini. That would be cool but the car is probably the most enjoyable thing in the deal and if you have $1 million for this, just save yourself the money and get a better car. Maybe that’s just me…

saints row 4 wad wad edition
Source: Deep Silver


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