Fortnite Is Banning Players’ Accounts Right Now

Fortnite players have been thrown into a panic as it seems Epic Games is now banning a number of accounts – without warning.

According to the Twitter page @FNBRLeaks there is now a: “banwave across Fortnite…Everyone who modified pak files, DDoSED Servers, etc.

“I wish you the best of luck.”

The tweet, which is just going viral, has amassed a lot of concern from the Fortnite community.

Users have posted an image of the banned accounts, which states: “Account Disabled.

“Your account has been disabled. Accounts are disabled for one of the following reasons:

“- The account owner has requested the account be disabled.

“- Fraud.

“-The account has been banned for misconduct in one our games.

“Error Code: AS-18006”

We can’t see a lot of people choosing to disable their own Fortnite accounts in this case…

There’s still a lot of confusion over the exact specifications for a banning, with one Twitter user asking: “wait a second i modded pak files but I verified yesterdays. Everything is back to normal will I still get banned??”

Another worried user tweeted: “oh god I’m genuinly [sic] scared.”

Lots of pages – including @Angeloyt of AALeaks – FNBR Leaks – are already claiming their accounts have been banned and are desperately tweeting Epic Games and its official Twitter page for an answer as to why.

As news of the bans emerge, it’s not yet known exactly what will qualify your account to be locked, or how many accounts are being disabled.

We’re assuming Epic Games will be looking to release a statement – or at least try to respond to its many (many!) banned members of the Fortnite community.

Right now is the time to check your Fortnite account – have you been banned?

More to follow as it comes.