PUBG, Fortnite And More Games Just Got Banned In China

China can be very strict when it comes to the content that’s allowed to be viewed in the country, and the banning of games like PUBG and Fortnite has been a long time coming after a lot of criticism from the Chinese government. The two games have┬áreportedly been banned by the government for “promoting incorrect … Read more

Fortnite Is Banning Players’ Accounts Right Now

Fortnite players have been thrown into a panic as it seems Epic Games is now banning a number of accounts – without warning. According to the Twitter page @FNBRLeaks there is now a: “banwave across Fortnite…Everyone who modified pak files, DDoSED Servers, etc. “I wish you the best of luck.” There’s a banwave across Fortnite … Read more

Fallout Series Banned in Australia for This Reason

The Fallout series we all know and love was banned in Australia because the Australian government thought one very specific aspect of Fallout 3 was far too similar to real life and would be a bad influence. Why? Chems. Chems are consumables that change the status of your character. Taking Mentats, for example, increase your … Read more

Korean Government Makes Cheating in Videogames an Actual Crime

Author: Lee Levine If you thought Nintendo’s recent ban spree targeting pirates was rough, wait until you hear this. The Korean government recently passed a law that makes it illegal for anyone to manufacture or distribute programs “that are not allowed by the game company and its Terms of Service.” This ban includes aimbots, hacking … Read more