Epic games made $3 Billion in 2018 Alone

Epic games’ Fortnite has taken the world by storm and even though the incredibly popular battle royale mode is free to play Fortnite’s cosmetics have managed to rake in the v-bucks.

There is also a game mode where you have to defend your base from zombies, called Save the World, which costs around $30 but is considerably less popular than the battle royale mode currently is. There have been multiple reports saying that the game was about to turn free to play but that hasn’t happened as of yet. When the game launched Epic games said that it the Save the World game mode would be free when Fortnite leaves early access.

Strip Fortnite
Credit: Epic Games

Over a year later and Fortnite is apparently still in a state of early access. This game however hasn’t got many bugs at all and when there are bugs they are fairly swiftly dealt with (most of the time). There has been much speculation as to why the game has remained in Early Access for so long and one gamer thinks he has figured out as to why that is. It is free to update your early access game on Xbox – We assume that this is the same for PlayStation as well. The amount of updates that Epic Games push out for Fortnite this would cost them a fairly large amount of money.

A tweet from Epic games from June 2017 says this:

They haven’t got long at all to make this the truth. A lot has changed since that date of course as not even Epic games predicted how popular Fortnite could of become.

As for the continued profitability of a free to play game this means that more games will potentially take on this monetisation scheme of cosmetic items and ‘battle pass’ style features. Games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Rocket League already have battle pass style features implemented after seeing the success that Fortnite has had with them.

image: steam.com

Some gamers hate Fortnite and think it is terrible for the gaming industry, however just think about how many more people have become more interested in gaming because of the success of this one game. That even applies to gaming on YouTube and Twitch, not just people buying games.

Which do you prefer – buying a game for a set price or buying cosmetic items that you don’t necessarily even have to buy? Let us know!