Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Is Blowing People’s Minds With Just One Question

Netflix and Black Mirror’s latest offering to its millions of adoring fans has just dropped, and the world is shaken.

The streaming giant and trippy AF show have partnered up to release to the world the first interactive episode, in which you decided how the storyline went by picking between two options on the bottom of your phone and tablet screens.

Credit: Netflix

Now, just in case you haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, I’m only going to be talking about the first option that you get asked – so don’t worry, because you’ve probably already seen it going around on social media.
Also, there’s apparently loads of ways that Bandersnatch can actually turn out, so I’m not really spoiling anything for you at all – in the grand scheme of things.

Credit: Netflix

SO if you’ve already ‘played/watched/enjoyed’ the new Netflix show, then you’ll probably remember being asked THE hardest question of your life at the beginning. Did you let the main character eat Sugar Puffs or Frosties? I’ll show you the drama it caused the rest of the country…

Credit: Netflix

What do you think yet, have you managed to spend all night trying to get all the different endings? Or have you not even started yet because you’re worried that it’ll consume your thoughts and your life. After all, it IS a Black Mirror episode, so it’s definitely designed to mess you up that little bit more than you thought it would.

Words by Katey Roberts.