Dr Disrespect Breaks Streaming Setup During On-Screen Rage

No stranger to onscreen drama, Dr Disrespect raged during a recent Call of Duty livestream. However, this time he ended up breaking his microphone and greenscreen in the process!

The former two-time back-to-back Blockbuster champion has been enjoying some Warzone with friends this week. The Doc reunited with the likes of TimTheTatman and Dr Lupo after both signed exclusive contracts with YouTube Gaming. Disrespect was banned from Twitch last summer, and has claimed he is suing the f**kout of the streaming platform.

Well, it seems as though the lawsuit, along with some sweaty players got Disrespect all riled up. Facing off against another player in the Gulag in Warzone, Dr Disrespect slammed down on his desk in a rage. And it looks like it might cost him a pretty penny.

Dr Disrespect Rage
Credit: Dr DisRespect


During a stream with both TimTheTatman and ZLaner, DisRespect must have been off his game. Sent to the Gulag, DisRespect had the change to fight his way back into the game. However, The Doc was outsmarted as the other player stunned and killed him.

DisRespect was not happy in the slightest. In a rage he slammed his hand down on his desk, which not only moved his green screen, but also broke his mic. From then on out, viewers couldn’t hear DisRespect, and could see a gap in his green screen set up.

YouTube video
Credit: YouTube

Known for losing his temper on stream, you can find entire compilations of his outbursts across YouTube in games like Apex Legends, Warzone and Fortnite. You may even spot a time or two, where he has done similar damage to his mic.


Playing with the likes of TimTheTatman, who played in the World Series of Warzone, maybe Dr Disrespect is beginning to feel the pressure. Regardless, it is always fun to watch Disrespect lose the rag. I’d love to see him go up against seven-year-old Rowdy Rogan, who’s dominating Warzone lobbies at the moment.

Have you had any similarly expensive rage reactions while playing a game? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Dr DisRespect