Gamer Creates Giant F Key To Pay Maximum Respects

One gamer has made sure they press F to pay respects in the best way possible by making the world’s largest ‘F’ key.

Pressing F to pay respect has become ingrained in gaming meme culture. Featuring on the PC version of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, many quickly pointed out the ridiculousness of the button prompt. In the game’s campaign, players attend the funeral of a lost squadmate. They are then prompted to “Press F To Pay Respects” when approaching the coffin.

One gamer decided to pay respect with style. Somehow making themselves a giant ‘F’ key, they played out the infamous scene in a now viral video.



The video, titled “A Big F For Big OOFS” showcases YouTuber Jaryd Giesen trying to create a functioning giant ‘F’ key. The video has been covered by sites like Polygon and TheGamer, since its release last week. Even Call of Duty commented on the video with a simple and elegant “F”.

In the video, Jaryd takes a functioning keyboard switch and places it inside a comically large 3D printed ‘F key’. Jaryd created his own spring, key bracket and even fitted LED lights underneath the button. While we don’t get to see Jaryd use the button to pay respect in that video, GAMINGbible posted it in use.

Credit: Twitter

Jaryd’s giant ‘F’ key feels like the perfect homage to the infamous scene. It also proves that even after all these years, the Call of Duty scene is just as funny. However, I would also like to see how far it could go. Jaryd said the button was about as big as he could afford. With a bit of a budget, I wouldn’t be surprised if we started to see even bigger buttons paying the biggest amount of respect.


How big an ‘F’ key do you think is enough to pay respect? Let us know over our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Activision/Jaryd Giesen