This Might Be The Best Femshep Cosplay We’ve Ever Seen

The Mass Effect series has been popular among the cosplay community for quite some time.

Since Mass Effect was released almost a decade ago, we’ve seen a ton of cosplay for different Mass Effect characters like Miranda, Garrus, Liara and Thane. But the main protagonist, Commander Shepard, still remains the most popular. And let’s face it, the ladies have been killin’ it when it comes to Commander Shepard cosplay.

Lurea might just be the best version of Shepard we’ve ever seen.

Shoutout to HM for these awesome photos.

Lurea_Mass_Effect (1)

She’s got you in her sights. Lurea_Mass_Effect (2) Lurea_Mass_Effect (3) Lurea_Mass_Effect (4)

Freeze! Don’t move! Try not to fall in love, too. 

Lurea_Mass_Effect (5)

What do you guys think, how’d she do? The talented photography mixed with a really well-made costume, makeup, and a gritty attitude all contribute to the success of this cosplay.