EA Is Considering Making Battlefield 2042 Free To Play, Says Insider

An industry insider has claimed that EA is considering making Battlefield 2042 free-to-play following its disappointing performance. Reports are courtesy of the ever-reliable Tom Henderson. Since Battlefield 2042 was released late last year, it’s been a great time for the DICE shooter. No single player campaign, lack of diverse modes, basic features were missing, as … Read more

Battlefield 2042 Is Finally Getting A Scoreboard In A New Update

Battlefield 2042 is finally getting a long-requested feature, the scoreboard, in an upcoming update – a mere three months after launch. Battlefield 2042 has received a lot of criticism for launching in a sub-par state. One of the most scathing criticisms was the lack of scoreboard, which has been a common feature in almost every … Read more

Everything New In Battlefield 2042 This Week – 20th January 2022

Battlefield 2042 is receiving a huge update this week that brings changes to Battlefield Portal as well as stability and bug fixes. Update 3.2 is set to release today on 20th January 2022. Battlefield 2042 – Portal Changes Battlefield Portal is a huge focus area for DICE in this week’s update. The team has made … Read more

Battlefield V Has Twice As Many Players As Battlefield 2042 On Steam

Battlefield 2042 has half as many players at Battlefield V, a game that released over three years prior to the new entry from DICE. Battlefield 2042 hasn’t had a very good launch, with players expressing frustration over the state of the game. EA’s communication hasn’t been the greatest, leading players to grow even more annoyed … Read more

Rush Is Returning To Battlefield 2042, But It May Not Be Forever

DICE has announced that the fan favourite Rush mode is returning to Battlefield 2042, just a week after it was initially removed. Fans were less than pleased last week after DICE removed the Rush game mode from Battlefield 2042. The mode has been a staple of the series since Bad Company 2 offering some of … Read more

Battlefield 2042 Subreddit May Be Shut Down Due To Toxicity

Battlefield 2042 has faced a lot of criticism after its launch in November last year, and some players are taking to the subreddit to express their disappointment. However, the arguments surrounding the game have gotten so toxic that the subreddit for the game may be forced to close. The moderators of the subreddit left a … Read more

Battlefield 2042 Player Expectations Are “Brutal”, Says EA Employee

An EA spokesperson reckons that player expectations for Battlefield 2042 are for too lofty, describing them as “brutal”. Battlefield 2042 hasn’t exactly been received well by fans. The incredibly rough November launch saw several bugs and a lacklustre amount of content. Developer DICE has released a lengthy roadmap to plan out the next few months, … Read more