Battlefield 2042 Is Finally Getting A Scoreboard In A New Update

Battlefield 2042 is finally getting a long-requested feature, the scoreboard, in an upcoming update – a mere three months after launch.

Battlefield 2042 has received a lot of criticism for launching in a sub-par state. One of the most scathing criticisms was the lack of scoreboard, which has been a common feature in almost every multiplayer FPS game on the market.

A new tweet from Battlefield Direct Communication confirmed that the team is working on an update to the existing scoreboard UI that will show player scores. It will apparently “showcase how players are stacking up across the server”, as you would expect a scoreboard to do.

Additional Updates

It also confirmed further updates beyond the initial update. “Scoreboard will receive further updates beyond this refresh – this isn’t a one and done deal for us. Expect to see us iterate on this further once it’s live in game, and we look forward to your feedback once this new Scoreboard goes live in February.”

With that, we can expect this scoreboard update to launch in mid to late February. And more updates are planned to release soon too.

The team has confirmed that XP in Portal is being updated. This will aim to enable more servers and game types to progress on Mastery and Weekly Missions.

They have also promised more updates for game performance and further optimisation, as well as matchmaking preferences in All-Out Warfare and VOIP across all platforms.

Are these updates enough to convince you to return to Battlefield 2042? Let us know on social media.

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[Featured Image Credit: DICE/EA]