Abducted In Plain Sight Fans ‘Know Why B Married Jan In Mexico’

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s Abducted in Plain Sight yet, you should really be tuning in for one of the streaming service’s most chilling entries ever. Following the tragic story of Jan Broberg, Abducted in Plain Sight explains how she was kidnapped TWICE by the same man during her childhood. The documentary hones in on the unhinged … Read more

Channel 4 Announce New ‘Black Mirror-Style’ Show

If something draws comparisons to the dystopian series that is Black Mirror, you’d probably assume it’s really not good news. However a new Channel 4 show is drawing comparisons to Charlie Brooker’s creation and it’s sure to split audiences straight down the middle. Ghost, which is a working title , is described as “a profoundly … Read more

Tom Hanks Shares the Saddest Toy Story 4 Update Ever

Tom Hanks has officially recorded his final lines as beloved Toy Story character Woody.  In doing so, Hanks has closed a chapter on one of the most recognised and loved fictional characters of all time and we’re feeling very emotional about the whole thing. The 62-year-old actor took to social media Wednesday to share a … Read more